Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Is Marie Claire serious?! I can't believe that article was allowed to be printed. I can't say much more that hasn't already been screamed across the internet. I must say that I don't feel sorry for this bitch. If she can't stand to look at fat people then I don't care that she used to be anorexic.
Read for yourself, by Maura Kelly.


  1. I'm happy to be your first follower. I will put out a shout out for you on my blog. I am so excited that your surgery is on Friday. I'm sure you must be nervous (I know I was) but everything went so much smoother than I ever expected. I am so happy I got the band and haven't ever heard anybody say that they wish they hadn't gotten it. Good luck!

  2. Hi Ashley! Bonnie sent me over here. I am 6 weeks out from surgery, and have ZERO REGRETS. It's nice to "meet" you, and I can't wait to read about your journey :)

  3. Came over from Bonnie's blog too! I'm having surgery on the 15th!!!

    We can be newbies together :)

  4. Hi Ashley,
    First up, congrats on getting your surgery - you got a great day - the day of my birthday (how did I just make that about me lol sorry....) Seriously though, I will be thinking about you and hope all goes well.

    You wont regret a thing. I LOVE my band - even through its ups and downs. Look forward to reading more about you and how it all went.
    Cara :)

  5. I'm over from Bonnie's blog too. Wanted to wish you good luck for Friday!

  6. hey - found you through Bonnie! I was banded in September - so not much ahead of you!!! Good luck tomorrow - you'll be great!!!

  7. Hey Ashley,

    Bonnie sent me on over. I read that article and just feel a brick in my stomach. There are no words.

    Anyway, congrats on going through this process and know that this community is here for you.

  8. Ashley,
    I found you through Bonnie. I'm getting banded on Nov. 9th, so we can go through this together! I'm scared and excited and having the same thoughts and worries as you. Good luck, I"m sure you'll do great!

  9. I was banded in February and have lost 92 lbs. I'm so glad I made this choice! Wishing you all the luck!