Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 2

Today is the first day that I've actually felt like making a substantial post. The hospital was actually scary. I had a freak-out when the doctors took out the breathing tube. I couldn't breathe and started crying and grasping the air. The nurse wouldn't let me leave because she said I was too weak. I didn't have good coloring and I was in too much pain.

My mother has been with me for the past three days and I think my boyfriend was glad to see her leave. Two people who love me with conflicting personalities.
I've not eaten much, chicken broth and some strained egg drop soup. I realized that the egg drop soup was probably not so good for me. It tasted too good.

I've been sleeping a lot. My mother has forced me to walk up and down the block every hour or so. It actually made me feel a lot better.

The gas is something that I've never experienced! It's all through my shoulder and it even seems like it's in my back. My port incision is killing me. When I woke up, I was on my stomach and I got scared. I was worried that I would hurt myself but that didn't seem to happen.

So, right now, I'm using my breathing thing they sent me home with and catching up on Criminal Minds. I'm actually really enjoying being able to watch t.v. with a good excuse.


  1. (((gentle hugs))) to you.. I hope you're feeling more like yourself very soon.. Thanks for the update, and keep moving when you can...

  2. Glad you are home and your surgery is behind you. Welcome to bandland.

  3. :-) rest rest rest and walk walk walk!!!