Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 3.

So, it's the third day and I'm HUNGRY! I'm glad that I get to have thicker soups but I'm not sure how long the joy will last. How did you ladies progress in your hunger with the band? Did you feel hungry all the time or no? I'm afraid that my hunger will get the best of me.

It's sad that it's only been 3 days and I'm worried about screwing this up. I think I just need some super words of encouragement. I watched this new show called, "What's eating you" and the episode was about a woman who had the gastric band and got up to 400lbs. I shouldn't have watched it but I couldn't turn away.

Tell me about when you were doubtful and thought it might not work. I'm trying to condition my mind that this isn't a diet, that I've changed my life.


  1. I pretty much assumed that this would fail like everything else. What I didn't understand is that the lap-band works because it gives you abilities naturally skinny people have; it makes you eat small portions, it makes you eat slowly, it makes you be aware as you eat (no mindless eating) and it makes you stop when you're full. I have never actually met anyone who that band DIDN'T work for, but what I assume when I hear about it is that they either never followed through with fills until they had good restriction or they ate a lot of slider foods and high-calorie drinks. They basically ate around the band.

    I wouldn't worry about the troubles you're having now with sticking to the liquids and being hungry. You are basically dieting and if we were good at that, we wouldn't need the band. Once the pre and post-op diets are over, you will resume eating regular food and after a few fills, you'll see what an effective tool it is.

    I eat all foods in moderation these days. Nothing is off-limits. I was banded in February and have lost 92 lbs. I am 8 lbs. from goal.

  2. i too was HUNGRY but i just tried to keep my eye on the can do it! like amanda i was banded in february and have lost 78 lbs since then...and i too have my moments of feeling like i am going to fail but i just repeat my favorite mantra "keep calm and carry on" !!
    i saw that episode of "what's eating you" it was hard to watch but keep in mind that yes she has the band, but she was struggling with a severe eating disorder and she ended up moving past her issues and stop binging and purging.
    you can do this, we are all here for you!!!

  3. I felt as you did at the beginning, hungry all the time. I couldn't believe others who said they could just drink the liquids and it was okay, they weren't really hungry. Well, I was! You just have to get through this part; when you start eating solids it gets better, but your weight will probably go up slightly, and also you may be able to eat more, and anything until you start getting fills. You just have to make it until your first fill. Then you'll really notice the different.

  4. I have no words of advice except that I am thinking about you!! I worry too! But this will work! I know it!

  5. Hi, and welcome fellow self-payer!!!

    It's a tough road to hoe, I'll tell you that.

    I think some of us have had better experiences than others. Mine has been really hard. When I recently had to get an almost complete unfill and survive that way for 2 months I didn't think this process would work. I'd worked so hard to lose 70 lb only to put on 30 over the next 4 months. However, I'm starting to see it working again and I'm feeling better about it.

    Can't wait to follow you through your process! Any help I can offer I'll be happy to!

  6. Until you're properly restricted, you're going to feel hungry. I've only had one fill and I can eat anything and as much as I want of it and I'm hungry 2 hours later. Unfortunately, until properly adjusted, the band isn't going to do a whole lot. The bright side? Eventually, restriction comes and it gets least that's what I've seen from successful (and even not as successful) bloggers. Hope this helps. Hang in there!

  7. It's so weird it's almost like I feel I need to go back in my blog to read about how I felt because I almost can't remember lol.

    I was bad girl I didn't stick to the post op diet 100% fortunately none of the bad things I did caused any problems but I wouldn't recommend the route I took!

    I was hungry! BUT, the nice thing is once you are able to eat "normally" you shouldn't feel all that starving anymore. At least I didn't!!

    Keep it up you are doing awesome!!!!