Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm back.

I've been trying to keep busy to keep from thinking of food. Sad, but true. I had my first fill and it was okay. My doctor was upset with me and told me that I wasn't losing weight fast enough. I lost 6 pounds in 6 weeks. Yes, not that great but I was losing. He upset me so badly that I was sobbing and now I'm scared to go back. I know that I have to because I've already paid for a year of checkups and fills. It's a crappy situation.

I've decided to clean out the formal living room and make it a craft room/woman cave. I bought a cheap sewing machine and scrap fabric to practice on.

Also, today starts my training for a 5k. I've done two so far but I've never run one. I'm using a couch to 5k training program. Couch to 5k
It seems slow enough, I just have to tell myself that I can do it.

I'm still here, I've just been reading all of your blogs and taking notes.


  1. Don't let that doctor upset you! They say healthy weight loss is between 1-2 lbs a week. My doctor says anything more than that is gravy. You're doing great and shouldn't be disappointed! I'm doing a 5k program too (very similar to C25k) so we can be virtual running buddies.

  2. I'm sorry that you were upset, you're doing just fine, he's obviously a fool!

  3. That doctor is an ass. Lots of people don't really lose weight between their surgery and first couple of fills. During that time you don't usually have much restriction and so you're essentially dieting. And we all know how diets usually work out. Don't even give it a thought. You'll find that many un-banded people, even those who should know better, really don't understand how things work. Your blog is probably a better place to get good feedback about what's normal than your doctor.

    Six pound is FANTASTIC!! Nothing to feel bad about AT ALL. Statistically people who lose weight more slowly are more likely to keep it off AND have fewer issues with loose skin.

  4. You shed those 6 pounds so own it...don't let the Dr make you feel miserable again! Stay on track, get the fills and make this work for YOU!

    By the way, I am also newly banded (same month) and if you don't mind I would like to follow you as well...

    Hang in there!

  5. That sucks about your doctor's comments. Mine said I should be losing 1-2 a week....so there are all different ranges of weight loss. I know some seem to want people to only eat 1.5 cups of food A DAY, and have fast weight loss. Which is nice....but hey, as long as the scale keeps going down, who the f cares! I'm only nearing 30 lbs down now and I was banded Aug.27. So that's about 4.5 months. Too slow? I dunno....I feel it could be faster, but I'm still so much happier than 30 lbs ago!

  6. OMG - that doctor is an ass!

    My doctor (who I also think is an ass) gets mad at his patients if you lose more than 1 lb per week. So if you were going to my doctor he'd think you were a genius!!

    If you look at the early weight loss for lots of bloggers you'll see that the first couple of months can often include very slow losses or even gains. I've been slow but steady the whole time. I'm 6 months in and 40lbd down. Do I wish it was faster? sure, but it feels like its really gone for good - so I'll totally take it and be thrilled with every oz gone!!

    You're doing fantastic!!! Keep it up!

  7. Doctors are crazy. Some don't want you to lose too fast, others want you to lose faster and others don't give a crap either way. Don't your doctor get you so upset. Tell him that if you could lose weight without restriction then you wouldn't have needed the band. Jerk!